The Critical Journal
of Photography and Visual Culture
for the 21st century.

OVER Journal is a new periodical publication and online platform that proposes its readers a more wholesome, honest, and critical observation and enjoyment of Photography. Publishing commissioned texts and artworks alongside interviews and opinion pieces, it aims to create the ideal channel for an open and global discussion about the context in which the discipline sits, and not just about the output of artists, exhibiting venues, and publishing houses.

OVER Journal critically focuses on aspects often overlooked that affect the discipline, zooming out to observe the whole scene, to analyse what exactly is happening, what power relationships are at play. It is about preventing the repetition of obsolete and flawed structures, as much as highlighting the work of those who constructively are expanding what we still call Photography into new horizons. More than a portfolio magazine, it is a space for reflection on new practices, new ways of thinking, shining a light wherever needed.

Our interest in energising a critical engagement with Photography and Visual Culture, Cultural Studies, and Critical Thinking —to collectively question the world we persistently represent to ourselves— motivated PhotoIreland since 2009 to develop a variety of short and long-term projects. Our work has manifested in a yearly Photography festival, a public resource photobook library, an Art bookshop, various publishing ventures, a print fair, Art residencies such as How to Flatten a Mountain, and a space for critical research called the Critical Academy. Adding to these, since 2015 we have gained valuable experience participating in various European Union co-funded projects. It is then not by chance that OVER Journal comes into being.


Aidan Kelly Murphy, Julia Gelezova, and Ángel Luis González

Peer Review Panel 
Head: Daniel Boetker-Smith
Members: Dr. Justin Carville (IE), Alejandro Castellote (ES), Dr. Mohini Chandra (IN-FJ), Irina Chmyreva (RU), Yining He (CH), Caroline McQuarrie (NZ), Tanvi Mishra (IN), Kwasi Ohene-Ayeh (GH), and Niclas Östlind (SE).


Artists featured Becks Butler, David Farrell, Eva Kreuger, Francesca Catastini, Garry Loughlin,  Guerrilla Girls, Heather Agyepong, Hiro Tanaka, Mark McGuinness, Shia Conlon, Teresa Eng, Theo Ellison,  Vera Ryklova, and Yvette Monahan.

Texts by Aidan Kelly-Murphy, Alison Nordström, Amelie Schüle, Anna Ehrenstein, Benedetta Casagrande, Duncan Wooldridge, Erik Vroons, Gloria Oyarzabal, Jörg Colberg, Julia Gelezova, Natasha Christia, Yining He.

Interview Marion Hislen.

Supporting Individuals Aidan Gageler, Ailbe Collins, Aisling Keavey, Alan Phelan, Andrés Pardo Rodriguez, Andreas Oetker-Kast, Anne Mullee, Aoife Shanahan, Arman Duzel, Becky Warnock, Ben Hutchinson, Bianca Fatu, Caitriona Dunnett, Clare Lymer, Clare Lyons, Clodagh Moreland, Conner Dorbin, Conor Nolan, Dara McGrath, David Kronn, David Thomas Smith, Dianna Wojciechowska, Donall Curtin, Duncan Wooldridge, Eamonn Doyle, Edward Dunne, Elise Fisher, Ellie Berry, Frank Brennan, Garrett Hayes, George Voronov, Harry Rose, Jacqui Kiely, James Cockroft, Jane Cummins, Jennifer Ricketts, John Collins, John O’Toole, Kate Nolan, Keith Shuaib, Lara Ciarabellini, Laurel Bradley, Laurence Gorman, Letizia Lopreiato, Malcolm McGettigan, Mark Kavanagh, Mark Tracy, Michael Lee, Miriam O’Connor, Mo White, Moritz Neumüller, Niamh Smith, Olga McGeough, Mandy O’Neill, Orla Fitzpatrick, Paula Nolan, Raphael Schumacher, Rodrigo Orrantia, Róisín White, Ruby Wallis, Sarah Shaw, Seán Laoide-Kemp, Sebastian Farron-Mahon, Shane Lynam, Shannon Guerrico, Sharon Murphy, Sheaneen Healy Byrne, Simon Worthington, Ste Murray, Therese Barry, Thomas Bregulla, Thomas Licek, Tommie Lehane, Yvette Monahan, and Zoe Hamill.

Supporting Organisations With the kind support of Futures Photography, Creative Europe, the Arts Council of Ireland, Alliance Française Dublin and the French Embassy in Ireland, and Inspirational Arts.

Details to follow.

Details to follow.

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